wAgA wAgA

(Acroplane Records, UK)

wAgAwAgA has been journeying the musical realms of techno, acid, electronica, dub, jungle, psychedelia, synthesizer space music for over 10 years. These musical journeys have taken wAgAwAgA to different corners of the globe in search of new ideas and new audiences. Currently residing in Bristol, UK. His home is an audio studio crossed with a mad inventors lab, wires crossing over wires and piles of percussion stacked up all around. He is blending the organic sounds of nature with the technological magic of synthesized sound. Combining live Dub rhythms and bass with psychedelic synth echoes and watery space ripples. Touches of indian influence echo through the music, as samples drift over the electronic throng!

also ive attached a hi-res png file of a logo for myself.