Toshanbor Singh Nongbet

A gifted singer and a versatile vocalist

Toshanbor Singh Nongbet popularly known as Toshan is a gifted singer and a versatile vocalist who developed his love for music at a tender age of 10. Without any formal training he ventured into the world of Opera having listened to maestros like Pavaroti, Placido Domingo and others .He has been a member of the Aroha Choir from 2011. He filled in as a bass but he is truly a tenor and has featured as a soloish in many occasions. In 2012 end, Toshan reached the final round of the reality show “India’s Got Talent’ Season 4 and was declared the 4th Runners up. Toshan’s aim is to popularize Opera in India and has also recently made plans to tour abroad in places such as Geneva and Coax in Switzerland, New York in The USA and Germany.