Thermal And A Quarter

“Thermal And A Quarter… is on the vanguard of the Indian Rock scene” -­‐ National Public Radio (All Things Considered), USA

Thermal And A Quarter (TAAQ) is a path-­‐breaking band from Bangalore, India. TAAQ describes its music as ‘Bangalore Rock’; a sound as unique and layered as the fast-­‐ growing city of its birth. Imagine a Phish-­‐meets-­‐ Steely Dan-­‐via-­‐Mahavishnu-­‐ Orchestra vibe: the TAAQ sound is all that and more. Through the last 16 years, TAAQ has played all over India, completed tours in the USA, the United Kingdom, West Asia, China and South-­‐East Asia, released five studio albums, opened for acts like Guns N’ Roses, Deep Purple and Jethro Tull, and won awards for individual musicianship as well as overall contribution to ‘Indian Rock’.

clubs to arena-­‐size venues, TAAQ’s stellar musicianship, hard-­‐hitting lyrics, and fluid improvised style make every gig unique.