Medical Emergency Services
WHERE: In the Lake Resort Reception area.
The medical centre has an around the clock medical response crew and professional practitioners on call.
In an emergency, if you’re not near the medical centre, find a staff person with a radio, or notify the nearest security personnel.

Safety Staff
WHERE: You can find our safety staff roaming through festival ground, at the entrance to Lake Resort and the Main Block and at all the stages.
Our safety (aka, security) staff is trained to help make sure everyone has a good time and stays safe. If you have a security issue in the festival grounds, feel free to approach them.

Swimming and Boating in the Lake
The Management does not take responsibility for festival attendees who go out boating and swimming in the Lake, If an attendee chooses to do so it will be at their own risk. (Although we would advise that if you go swimming, please inform your friends or the nearest security/ festival personnel for your own safety).

The use of illegal drugs is prohibited at Escape. We encourage you to participate in the festival in a lawful and healthy manner.

Food Safety
Please don’t buy from unlicensed vendors. We work hard to ensure all food and drinks at the festival grounds are good and safe. And really, if you buy something from an unlicensed vendor, you have no idea what you’re getting. There will be lots of great stuff to buy from official Escape vendors, who deserve your business, not least because they have made a real commitment to support the Escape Festival.