Post-Modern Pundit

Post-Modern Pundit (PMP), Aviral Sharma,

Post-Modern Pundit (PMP), Aviral Sharma, began his journey in electronica through an intellectual interest in music, which was genetically defined by his mother as an exponent of ‘Sitar’ and a teacher of Indian classical music (instrumental: Sitar) in Delhi University.

Over the past decade, PMP inculcated a deep sense of music. The desire to express his inner-self motivated him towards innovating psychedelic music at underground parties in 2008, with the overpowering objective to understand the psychedelic experience . Having intentionally kept himself out of visibility of the public, he has finally emerged to lay bare his talent before the discerning and appreciative listeners of the psytrance genre.

Post-Modern Pundit, combines power-knowledge relationship of post-modernism and the art of excellence of a Pundit.

His performance will help you ESCAPE into an heavenly trance dance experience .