I graduated from a fine art College in 2008(New Delhi, India), primarily an artist who like to experiment with many mediums; I never intended to restrict myself just to Painting, Illustrating and Photography. I use them separately as well as fuse them together digitally and otherwise.

After college i moved to Cambodia as an Art Director, Where my subjects of photography evolved from Street photography to individual involvement to the subjects and their relationship with their particular environment. Unconsciously i realised how things eventually fall in places to give shape to a particular situation. Its takes its own course, takes its own time.

The photograph which may seem spontaneous is actually not. The situation which may seem to be random is been building on since ages to give it that particular shape. It reaches equilibrium even in that randomness and chaos. So all the candid things on the streets became familiar and I found a new kind of respect for them. I can only explain in terms of Japanese form of Aesthesis – Wabi- Sabi, A Concept which deals with the beauty of imperfect, Impermanent and incomplete, growing gracefully with time.