White Collar Hippie is a group of travel aficionados who bring you incredible, off-beat journeys to the places they love… And they love music festivals! The perfect excuse to travel, festivals help discover new places, meet new people, explore new sounds and reconnect with the outdoors.

These festival gypsiestravel from festival to festival, campsite in tow, setting up home by a bonfire under the stars!The smiles keep coming, the music never stops. It’s always a party with White Collar Hippie.

CAMPING  A magical campsite only a 5min drive away from the festival, by a brook in an enchanted forest. Sleep under a tree,unwind in the leisure zone or play some board games!

3 Nights + Festival Season Pass

  • Miss Hobbit (Dome tent with sleeping bag + Mat)
            Rs. 8,400 per person (Twin sharing basis)
            Rs. 7,000 per person (Triple sharing basis)
  • Mr. Longbottom (Alpine tent with beds & quilts)
            Rs. 9,900 per person (Twin sharing basis)


JOURNEY - An intimate trip of discovery, designed around a beautiful home stay experience.We’ll mix you up with a bunch of likeminded festival junkies under one roof. At a slumber party like no other, you’ll get the chance to exchange music with your roomies and share stories over a bonfire and barbecue.

3 Nights + Journey from and to Delhi + Festival Season Pass

17,000 per person (Twin sharing basis)


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