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SHAMIANA is Asia's largest and fastest growing short film club. With regular chapters spread across 10 cities (including 2 international centers), the club has been spearheading the short-film viewing culture in India. The club is known for its lively and vibrant screenings at premier cultural hubs such as BlueFrog, Natrani, Alliance Francaise etc and now the Escape Festival of Arts & Music.



DEATH OF THE SHADOW |Oscar nomination 2011|

Richie is about to end his life in desperation when he has to look after his 9 years old niece for a few hours and things change. Dur: 15 minutes

GOD OF LOVE *Oscar winner 2011*

Raymond Goodfellow is desperately in love with a fellow band-mate, but she only has love for his best friend. The crooner prays daily to God for a way for his beloved to fall in love with him. One evening, his prayers are answered when he's given a box of magical darts with Cupid-like powers. Raymond decides to use the darts to make his own love connection